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White SecretsBeauty therapists founded Aesthetics Importing to import quality beauty therapy products into Aotearoa New Zealand. The company is expanding in leaps and bounds, with the following products available through Aesthetics Importing:

Janssen Cosmeceutical, a range of various products that can be tailored for specific client outcomes, boasts both facial and body ranges for the clinic and for the client at home. Mr. Walther Janssen, the owner and operator of Janssen Cosmeceutical, heads the international team which Aesthetics Importing is proud to be a member.

Uniprobe offers both conventional and new needle-based electrolysis equipment and supplies. The Uniprobe needles are amongst the sharpest and finest available in the world. Manufactured in the United States of America, the Uniprobe product range is so diverse that it offers not only its own stylus, probe and easy-to-use needle range but also its own versions of existing, competing brands' needles to fit with various types of machines.

Please note that we are only authorised to sell to New Zealand-based businesses. All overseas enquiries should be directed to the local manufacturer or distributor.

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